Monday, November 21, 2016


My father use to have prophetic dreams when some relation or friend was going to die.  In his dream everyone he had known who had passed was in the yard of an old farm house.  They were preparing for a family gathering.  There would be some people setting an outside table with plates and utensils.  Others bringing food dishes out to serve.  Others would be painting a white picket fence that went around the yard.  The person who would be about to die would be sitting at the table waiting for the meal to be served.

These dreams started after my father returned from the war in the Pacific and haunted him until he himself passed in 2000. He did not have these dreams often but when he did they were never wrong.

Lately I've been having frequent dreams about people who were close to me who have died.  These dreams seem very real, very intense, much more of a vision than a dream.  Most "mundane" dreams I have are weird, funny, just images, conversation, actions.  My recent dreams have included sensory details.  I feel temperature, the weight and warmth of someone's arm around my shoulders, the feel of clothing, items that I touch, taste, smell.  These dreams are more visceral than whimsy.

I have been doing meditation work on ancestors for about six months.  I've concentrated on honoring them, listening or watching for any signs from them.  I'm not that good at meditation, it's something that takes a lot of effort on my part.  I find that I'm too easily distracted but I've been working at trying to improve my technique.  I'm wondering if the recent bout of vision like dreams are a result of my meditation work.  I've actually dreamed about a couple of people that I've NEVER dreamed about before.  I haven't even thought about them in any serious way for quite a while.

What is bothering me is that the last two vision/dreams I've had there has been a relative in the dream who is not dead.  I'm finding myself wondering if my father's ability to dream about those who are going to pass has suddenly decided to invade my night time sojourns.  Do I mention this dream to my relative?  Do I keep my thoughts to myself?  A moral and ethical quandary to be sure.

So...if I say nothing and nothing happens I'll be happy that I'm totally wrong and just over thinking things.  If I do say something and nothing happens I'll feel like an idiot (and yes the person would think I was an idiot as well).  If I say or do not say anything and something does happen, well I suspect that there is nothing that anyone can do to change fate anyway.

I'll keep mum on this and continue to meditate and delve into my dreams.


  1. WOW, it seem like the mantel of prophetic dreams has been pasted on to you. You must have passed some type of test or acquired some type of knowledge. Maybe the new ink has something to do with it! Interesting~~~

    1. I have no idea....we'll just have to wait and see.

  2. I have over the last two weeks been having "dreams" conversations visions whatever you want to name them with mom. I find myself waking up either in tears or having been crying, all stuffed up from it etc...28 years shes been gone at the beginning of this month.

    1. I always pay attention to my "not normal" dream - they do have meaning. I feel that our departed do contact us.