Thursday, August 4, 2016

Village Witch

I am a professional Witch.  Sounds funny I know, but that's what I am.  I do witchcraft, I've been paid for what I do.  Therefore....professional!

I went to a Pagan/Witchcraft/Occult convention and attended a series of classes called "Village Witchery" - and that is what I do.  It was the first time I've attended a public Pagan event.  The first time I've interacted with others of my persuasion.  It was an eye opening few days.  I learned that what I do is a valuable asset to the community.  I realized that what I do is not so far out of the ordinary.  I am needed and wanted by many.  Are you one?

I have people calling me, mostly knowing about me by word of mouth.  They want help in some way or another.  If you look back into time you realize that the village witch was the person that people with no wealth or power would go to for justice, medical reasons, or psychological counselling. We were the last resort.  That is what I am today.  I am a witch, a person you turn to when nothing else works.  I can help you.  It's what I've wanted to do, and now what I do.

I've helped people who have had problems after an abusive husband has died and their house has felt like a prison rather than a home.  I am the last resort for people who have called the local sheriff but have had no help from them.  I am the person you come to when you have problems with others when you travel.  I am the person who understands when everyone else thinks you are crazy.  "Who you gonna call?" - ME!

Mostly I am a counselor.  I talk with them about their problem, I enable them to put their problems into more defined terms.   I read their cards, or use my natural empathy, or let the cards guide me into giving them advice and focus their minds into what it is they need to do.  I am the village wise woman, the village witch.  I wear jeans, t-shirts, drive a mini-van - but I just as well might wear a pointed witch hat (of which I have two), ride a broom, have a familiar (I have one), stir a cauldron (I do that on occasion) and cackle......mmwuahahahahhaha!

I am the village witch!  I do good.  I can do bad as well as good. I'm not Wiccan.  The "do no bad/evil and what you do returns three fold" Wiccan belief is not for me.  I'm a traditional British/Irish Witch - I'll curse as soon as I'll help....if it's what's needed.....but I'm not going to just blindly help someone.  They have to do the mundane work (the Muggle work) before I'll step in.  If I'm not convinced they deserve or really need help, I'm outta there.  I do what I do, feel responsible to my deities and moral beliefs.

Witches are everywhere....we are your neighbors, your co-workers, and more prevalent than you think.  We are, were, have been and always will be your neighbors.

Witches Rule!