Sunday, January 19, 2014

Past, Present and Future Crones

I'm baaaaack!  

It's been a few months since I have posted anything on my blog.  I have been busy, plus to be honest I've been in a creative and spiritual dry spell.   I dislike when this happens.  I feel cut off, empty and apathy creeps up my spine into my brain like the cold fogs of winter that greet us almost every morning here on "The Peninsula".

I have been dealing with mini minion Rupert's recovery from his eye removal (he's doing great!). We have a new grand daughter, and my dear spouse went to visit while I stayed home with the minions.  We had the holidays, family visits, doctor visits and Himself had to have skin cancer surgery (he's doing great too!).  I have not been belly dancing much and that has added to my apathy...however my lessons and troupe practices have restarted so I'm happy about that.

My birthday is this month and it's one of the big ones.  When you get to be of a certain age the birthdays that fall on five and ten year intervals tend to be the important ones.  The one year interval birthdays just don't seem to matter that much.  This will be a ten year one!  Oh my!  I really wanted to do something special for this birthday but will probably just go out to dinner with Himself and some friends.  I am actually quite happy that nothing much is going on.  I've found that I'm turning inward more and more as this date approaches.  Perhaps that is what I'm suppose to do, turn inward and take stock rather than have a wild celebration.

I have been thinking about my age and how I feel being a Crone.  What it means to me on a day to day basis and what it means to me spiritually.  I've been thinking about the Crones I've known who are passed, and those that I know now...and I've been thinking of the Crones yet to be.

What will the Crones of tomorrow be like, how will they be different from the Crones of today or of years past?  How will young women, growing up with social media, twitter, instant communication and that incessant pressure to conform to a certain image evolve into the Crones of tomorrow?  Will they accept the challenge of being content and happy with their age?  Will they accept the grace and power that acceptance gives you or will they fight age and ignore the gift that is being "Crone"?

I worry that true Crones may become a thing of the past.  I do hope that there will still be a few women who feel the call and recognize the peace that gives you.  I hope that there will still be wonderful women who accept the responsibility of being Crones.

I know that "being old" isn't acceptable in our society.  I applaud actors and actresses who continue being vital and popular even as they pass into their graying years.  I wish there were older models in fashion magazines.  I wish our elders still had the position of "elders" and were honored and respected as they were in the past.  We have lost so much with our quest for youth.  I am happy with my age, my silver hair and all the other aspects that come along with that.  I wouldn't go back to my youth if I could.  Accepting myself as a Crone has given me freedom, confidence and a sense of self that I couldn't even imagine as a young woman.

Le Petite Crone says:  Gray is beautiful, lines and wrinkles are sexy and Crones are powerful!