Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring - One Step Forward - Several Back

It's finally Spring!

Buds are opening into new green leaves, Alder catkins are littering the deck, Crocus, Daffodils, and Hyacinths are in bloom.  To quote my maternal Grandmother "Spring has come, the grass has riz, I wonder where the Robin is?"....they're  here too.  Spring is a time of change and renewal, going forward, emerging from your winter cocoon of wool, wood smoke and flannel sheets.  It's time, like the spring flowers to raise your face to the sun and enjoy the season.

Not so fast....

It's cold here on "The Peninsula" - we don't have flannel sheets however we still have our fleece sheets on the bed.  Our next step will be to go to simple flannel once it warms up a bit.  We are still huddling in front of our fire place.  Enjoying the outdoor wonders of Spring is out of the question.

I recently recovered from a dog caused concussion (my blind, one eyed Bull Terrier, Mini Minion Rupert launched himself up onto the couch hitting me under my chin, causing a mild concussion).  I was laid low with dizziness, headache, nausea, sore neck, swollen face, bruised chin and unable to chew for a couple of days.  Rupert was sorry, so was I!

Now my beloved spouse Himself and I both have what we thought was Norovirus, however it's lasted way too long (according to what we have read) to be that.  So we have a mystery ailment that has us doubled over, in pain, unable to eat much and just generally miserable.

Happy Spring!

On the world stage I do have to admit that even though I am a Pagan I find the new Pope charming and quite a breath of fresh air.  Time will tell if his humble nature is genuine.  I have no doubt that the Catholic Church will remain the archaic bastion that it has always been.  Pope Francis himself seems to be a step forward.

 On 6 February this year Kepari Leniata, a 20-year-old mother of two living in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, was accused of bewitching a six-year-old boy to death. Villagers stripped and bound her, then dragged her to a rubbish dump where she was tortured with hot irons until she confessed. The police arrived, but were held back by locals who doused Leniata in petrol and burned her alive. The UN human rights office explained that this was just the latest of numerous lynchings, each conforming to a pattern found in many parts of the developing world where witch-beliefs are strong and uncontained by law or authority.  A step back...

"Yana" a Syrian Pagan was  killed in late June of last year, Yana’s brother, who had become radicalized, informed the rebels that his sister was a Pagan.  They took her, tortured her, then her brother publicly denounced her as a whore and a witch.  After that, she was drug out onto the street, raped, and killed.  A step back...

On February 17, 2013 a segment was aired on the Fox network’s popular morning show, Fox and Friends.  The segment was hosted by Tucker Carlson, Alyson Camerota, and Clayton Morris.  The segment centered on the University of Missouri’s, MU Guide to Religions, and the fact that the guide includes Pagans/Wiccans.  In the first minute of the segment Mr Carlson states…“The bad side of Wiccanism is, it’s obviously a form of Witchcraft, but the upside is, you get a ton of holidays. 20% of all school holidays as described by the University of Missouri are Wiccan holidays. 20% of all!  Right, but you get 20 holidays now if you are a Wiccan. That’s the one to go with right? If you’re gonna pick one, go with the one that has the most holidays.  Except, any religion who’s most sacred day is Halloween, I just can’t take seriously."  I don't consider this as a step back because, well....consider the source.  The "newscaster" went from 20% to 20 (actually there were 8 holidays).  They didn't do their homework obviously (again consider the source) because Wicca is a Federally recognized religion.  If you are a follower of Wicca in the military and die in the service of your country you can officially have a pentagram on your headstone.  I also consider this in a way as a step forward as Fox and Friends Tucker Carlson issued an on air apology after the Pagan community launched a protest campaign of letters, e-mails and picketing the studio.  Not that the apology was sincere....but he gave it.

 So here I am, a tired, cold, sick old Crone...looking wistfully out her window at the magic of Spring wanting to get outside to tend my herbs and clean the yard.  I'm waiting for this years flock of baby crows, waiting for the sun to shine....wishing I felt better.  But even with the steps backwards that happen around the world there are enough steps forward for the Pagan community (whatever your path) that it does give me some hope. 

So happy Spring...enjoy the season.

Le Petite Crone says:  Rejoice in the steps going forward!