Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Long Road Back

As I mentioned in my last posting I was scheduled for some major surgery prior to Samhain.  I have had back problems for over twenty years and have tried every option other than surgery.  I've done physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, meditation, drugs, chiropractic manipulation and injections of cortisone into my spine.  All of these methods helped for a while, delaying the inevitable decision.

I lost most of the feeling and strength in both of my legs and feet towards the end of September.  I finally gave in and started the process to see a neurosurgeon.  Of course I first had to have an MRI, consultation with my own doctor and a referral to a neurosurgeon.  The surgeons diagnosis was that I could go on the way I was and have permanent nerve damage to my legs eventually becoming a paraplegic or have surgery.  It was an easy decisionI was lucky enough to be able to have my surgery in a fairly timely manner  despite the bureaucratic procedures you need to go through.

sliced right through it!
I am thrilled to say that the operation was a success.  I woke up in the recovery area and had all the feeling and strength back in my legs and feet.  The nurses repeatedly assured me that my doctor had done an outstanding job of sewing my tattoo back together (the incision went right through a favorite tattoo!).  I had been concerned about it and must have said something on the way to the operating room....of course I don't remember anything.....so who knows what I may have said!  The loss of your short term memory due to sedatives (and who knows what else) pumped into your IV is disturbing at best.   During my stay in the hospital the nurses continually asked me if I needed a walker in order to get from my bed to the bathroom, or to walk back and forth in the hallway.  My little Crone heart was highly offended and I refused each and every offer!  I just couldn't bring myself to do it......no way!

It's now been a month since my operation.  I'm going to physical therapy three times a week and working on my exercises at home.   I'm getting about fairly well and am able to do most things for myself.  Thank the powers that be for my dear spouse Himself who has been amazing taking care of me.  To say I would be lost without him does not come close to the truth!

 I am pleased that both my surgeon and my physical therapist have told me that the fact that I Belly Dance has probably cut my recovery time in halfEven with my "being fit" advantage it is taking me a lot longer to recover than it ever  has before.  I'm afraid that the evil agent known as "age" has something to do with it.

I am spending most of my time walking around the house, doing my exercises, resting and trying to not be discouraged...then resting some more.  I miss playing with my mini minions Rupert and Boomer, I miss snuggling in bed with Himself, and I miss dancing with my Belly Dance sisters.  I'm finding that my recovery has become a long slow lesson in patience and gratitude.  I am so thankful for all the people who have and are helping me recover.  I am thankful for this enforced time of rest and stillness which has given me an opportunity to think and meditate.  I am grateful for a new opportunity to live without pain and disability.

Le Petite Crone says:  I am so very happy to have this opportunity!