Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Samhain Thoughts

To me Samhain  (or Halloween, All Hallows Eve) is  my favorite "holiday".  

As a child I loved dressing up and running about the neighborhood with my big brother, knocking on doors and yelling trick or treat!  It was so much fun to "scare" the neighbors and hold out my paper bag for the obligatory treat of candy.  Things started to change when my brother no longer wanted to trick or treat with me.  Mom and Dad made him take me out for a bit, then I was dumped back home and he went out with his older friendsInstead of a brown paper bag he had a pillow case.  By the time my brother got home his pillow case was full and of course by the rules of trick or treat there was NO SHARING!

As I aged I no longer wanted to go around for the candy.  I still loved dressing up but I'd rather stay home and answer the door, handing out the candy for my parents.  Once I became a parent I was the one who made the costumes and took my son door to door.  That was fun and I think I instilled a love of Halloween in my son.  His is the house that all the kids want to come to.  His costumes go above and beyond the normI love it.

I stopped at a store on the way home from a doctors appointment.  My dear spouse "Himself" wanted to pick up some Halloween candy on the off chance we have children trick or treat at our house.  In the six years we've lived on "The Peninsula" I think we've had two children come to our door.  I don't mind the candy...even though it plays havoc with my diet.  I was aghast at the sight in the store....witches, Halloween candy, ghosts, Christmas trees and Santa Clause!  Really!  Come on folks, it's October!  October is not the time for Christmas!  Witches everywhere are crying in their cauldrons!

 Now that I'm a little old crone living on "The Peninsula" Halloween has taken on a more spiritual nature.  I find that my mind turns to those who have passed in my life.  As a time when the veil between this world and theirs is thin I take the time to turn inwards and remember my ancestors.  I take the time to honor and reach out to them and let them know they are not forgotten.  This year I was scheduled for some major surgery on Samhain.  Most of my friends thought this was an ideal day for me, however It just didn't feel right.  I'd rather join my ancestors (if something goes wrong) prior to Samhain than on it!  So for now my surgery is scheduled the week before.  With all good luck I will be able to spend some of my recovery time composing a few more blog entries.

Take some time on Samhain to remember those you have lost.  Light a candle for them, invite their spirits into your home, pay them honor, have a cup of tea with them.

Le Petite Crone says:  Wish me luck and I'll be back soon!  Happy Samhain!