Friday, August 17, 2012

My Corner of the World

Rather than write something I thought I'd share some photographs of my little corner of the world...."The Peninsula".  This Summer has been cool, foggy and overcast.  We have had only one hot day, and perhaps four or five days in the seventy degree range.

 Looking out my kitchen window into the woods to the south of our little cottage.....

Notice the dead snag in the photo.  The tree broke during a huge wind storm several years ago and came through our kitchen window.  Himself and I were fortunate to be outside walking our mini minions Rupert and Boomer so we were not injured!

My kitchen scale is holding crow feathers, gifts from the crows I feed, along with some duck eggs.

 This is the slightly overgrown path that is right beneath my kitchen window,  At the end of this path is a gate into my back yard.  

We have had black bears and raccoons come from the woods, along this path into our front yard.  I'm always a bit wary to let mini minion Boomer  or Rupert in this area.  The woods are so thick that it would be easy for them to get lost.

A close up of the orange flowers


My tree spirit


Borage in my herb garden

Hyssop in my herb garden

looking over the fence into the woods  



A tree frog on my New Zealand Flax

Mini Minion Boomer enjoying some sun

Mini Minion Rupert enjoying a soft warm spot
The weather has been gloomy this summer, but as always the magic of "The Peninsula" has more than made up for the lack of sunshine.  I hope you enjoyed my little photographic tour of my corner of the world.

Le Petite Crone says:  Enjoy your life even if the skies are gray!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spiral Dance

It's August here on "The Peninsula". 

One step I have taken on my path to becoming Crone is to pay more attention to the natural world than the mundane world of preset dates and expectations.  Time moves in a spiral.  The ebb and flow of the seasons is not dependent on the calender!  In most areas of the country the month of August brings hot temperatures and sunshine.  Here in my little world August means days with temperatures in the high 60's or low 70's, fog, and a sky that is seldom blue.  If I go strictly by the calender on the back of the pantry door we should be in the depths of Summer but we aren't.  While most of the country has had record breaking high temperatures and drought we here on "The Peninsula" have had only one day of "Summer" heat and almost 53 inches of rain.  

Our cycle of the year is moving into Autumn (I know many of my friends will groan about my saying this - sorry!).  Many trees are starting to lose their leaves, and some are beginning to turn yellow and gold.  The grass is not growing quite as fast as it was a few weeks ago.  Many of my flowers are finishing their blooming.  In my herb garden my Hyssop, Oregano, Fennel, and Borage are in bloom.  I even have some bright red rose hips to harvest for winter tea!

Since "The Peninsula" is in the North the sun is low on the horizon even at noon.  The light is softer and is starting to get that special gold tinge you only see in the Autumn.

crows on my feeder
My crows are completing their cycle of the year as well.  The fledglings are out and about with their parents visiting my crow feeder in the morning.  They are learning the local crow can tell the difference in the "caws" of the adults and the babies.  During the nesting season only the adults and yearlings would visit the feeder.  There would be fights to chase others away in order to get the most food for their young.  Now I see more cooperation, several families at a time eating together.  

Waiting in the trees in my backyard
In a month or so I will have flocks of crows crowding on the feeder, on the rails of the deck, sitting in nearby trees and on the roof waiting their turn.  When the weather turns cooler and the young are more independent they seem to indulge in a crow celebration of the season.   They chase each other  around the yard, cawing with abandon, diving and rolling in the air.  You can feel the joy.

I find my own internal clock adjusting to the cycle of the year.  My desire is to stay close to home.  I'm not as interested in travel, but enjoy spending quiet time in observation and meditation.  I tend my herbs and bask in the last warmth of the season before the dark time of winter.  My cooking changes as well, I'm not as interested in salads and fruit....grains, vegetables and meat are making their appearance on my table.  Of course my dear spouse "Himself" is an Autumn denier.  I mentioned that it was beginning to look like Autumn and his response was "Nooooooo!".  Poor man.

I'm sorry my love, mother nature does not go by our calenders.  She dances to her own rhythm.  Her dance a spiral of time and space, through the stars, the ocean, the forests, deserts and cities and through our own bodies.  She dances and weaves her changes around us and through us.  We can either dance with her and feel the joy and acceptance of being or we can fight it and have her dance us into oblivion.

Le Petite Crone says:  I for one am learning to dance!  Come join me......