Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back from Paradise

Crone in Paradise
Hello all, I'm back from my trip to paradise.  My dear spouse "Himself" and I spent half of this month in Hawaii with a very special trip to the island of Midway (courtesy of the U.S. Navy) to attend the 70th anniversary memorial of the WWII Battle of Midway.  My father, who passed away twelve years ago,  was a U.S. Marine on Midway during the battle.  Our visit there was a very emotional experience for both of us.

I'm still a bit out of it, not quite back into my normal schedule of things so this posting will just be a few random thoughts and photos.  I'm hoping to get back into some sort of routine shortly and my postings will become more regular.

Yesterday was Litha, the Summer Solstice and for a change it was a dazzling beautiful warm day here on "The Peninsula".  It  made me think of our first night back from Hawaii...we left a tropical climate and returned to dark, rain and flannel sheets.  From Plumeria flowers to fog and mist.  It was quite a change.  I was ready to come home though.  Even with the gray, rainy weather there really is no place like home.  Your spirit is more at rest and more content at home.

"Himself" in the Hawaiian Surf
I was able to wear my bikini!  I didn't quite meet my weight goal but felt comfortable enough to wear a two piece swimsuit.  Not bad for an old crone.  It's nice to have goals in your life.  I've set a new one for this upcoming December.  I want to meet my weight goal, and add more exercise into my life.  "Himself" will be celebrating a big birthday in December and I want to look good for him and for myself.  You can't nurture others if you don't nurture yourself. 

Himself and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary while in Hawaii.  We renewed our wedding vows in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony on the island of Kauai.  I was unsure if my dear spouse would enjoy the ceremony as it was not a "to have and to hold and obey" sort of thing.  It was amazing how many similarities there are in so many traditional cultures such as using salt as purification, using water as a blessing, and the number three being so important and symbolic.  I should have known that my worries were unfounded.  Even after twenty years sometimes you can be surprised by your partner.  I love my husband and our ceremony was a beautiful and moving experience for both of us.

I'll try and write another posting soon.  So for now, 

Le Petite Crone says:  Aloha and mahalo from "The Peninsula"