Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Food Glorious Food! or the Joy of Chuck-A-Rama

My dear husband "Himself" and I have wildly different relationships with food.  I'm not sure if this is a male/female thing or just a Himself/Crone thing.

I like food.  I love to cook and I grow my own herbs.   This is no mean feat here on "the peninsula".  Our weather is not conducive to growth of much of anything other than moss and ferns.  I had a vegetable garden one year but the lack of sun, overabundance of banana slugs and my friends the crows made short work of my efforts.  For those of you not familiar with banana slugs picture a shocking yellow-green slug about four or five inches long with a voracious appetite....you'll get the idea.  I put a lot of creativity, spirit, soul and love into my cooking.  To me creating a meal is like creating a work of art...or an act of magic.  So I love food, however I'm not as interested in eating.  I enjoy my meals but to me the creation is the exciting part.  I'm not saying I don't enjoy eating a good meal.  But what I enjoy is the act of eating, dining, the conversation, and the time spent enjoying the meal.  The food is secondary.

"Himself" on the other hand LOVES food.  He dreams about food.  He lives to eat.  Why he doesn't weigh 300 pounds is a true miracle.  "Himself" has an amazing memory which on occasion I've found to be scary in it's accuracy.  He can tell you where we were on any day of any vacation based on what he had to eat on that day.  "Oh, that's when we were in Winchester, Virginia because we had those yummy cinnamon french toast fingers at the Shoney's!"  There is a wonderful dream that "Himself" occasionally has that he gets sort of misty eyed over, one in which he can eat and eat and eat and never get full.  This is the man I married!

Before we moved to "The Peninsula" we had to travel about 150 miles to the nearest large city.  His favorite restaurant in this city was a buffet called "Chuck-A-Rama".   The food was standard buffet fare...but lots, and lots of it.  I'd eat a salad and "Himself" would be transported to nirvana by the variety and quantity.  Ah, Chuck-A-Rama how he misses you!  He still waxes poetic over the rice-crispy treats!

I don't want you to think I'm making fun of my dear spouse.  In fact I love that he can get so excited over eating.  It's one of the things that makes him "Himself".  I'd not change him for anything.  It's always a joy to me to realize that the fates brought us together, two people that on the surface you would think wouldn't have a chance of making a relationship work. But it does!

I know that whatever I fix for a meal will be accepted with joy and enthusiasm.  I'll cook and "Himself" will love it; but I never take this for granted.  I'd feel as if I were cheating if I didn't put effort into my cooking.  I'd feel as if I were ignoring the gift that I've been given.  The gift of "Himself" and his love and the joy he gets from eating and the joy I feel being the little crone that he loves.

La Petite Crone says:  Always appreciate the gifts you are given

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Think I'm Back.....

I have to admit that I've missed writing my blog.  In my defense it's been (and still is) hard to type with my broken, messed up hand.  But I'm going to give it a good ole' Crone try!

My physical therapy is about at an end and then I'll be cast adrift to tend to my recovery alone.  Lots of exercise, pain, grumbling (I'm a Crone and I can grumble if I want to!) and effort, but in the long run worth it.  My father (bless him) always told me that if you were going to do something, do it as best you could.  Well....I messed up my hand really well so I'm sure his spirit is proud!

I have in the past couple of months learned more about my little finger than I ever wanted to know.  Did you know that your little finger is one of your strongest fingers?  It is, right up there with your pointer and thumb!  I thought that if I were to ever lose use of a finger that my little finger would be the best one to lose.  Evidently not, I have been astounded at how difficult things are to do without my little crone pinky.

Today, thanks to the recent reduction of some swelling, my therapist noticed that there is also some damage to my ring finger.  Once again I am over achieving!  Luckily it will either self correct (or not) so no additional surgery is needed.

All of my new found knowledge regarding my little finger has led me to think of how we as a people tend to dismiss tiny things as insignificant and worthless.  I know when I was working I was quite often taken less seriously due to my short stature.  I even had someone pat me on my head (I considered turning him into a lawn gnome).  In our society bigger is better.  Bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger toys, bigger TVs, more, more, more. 

I for one have taken my little finger knowledge to my crone heart. Bigger isn't better, be mindful of  yourself and your surroundings.

La Petite Crone says:  It truly is the little things that count!