Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sorry I'm Not Posting (Update to I'm a Wuss)

Sorry I've not been posting lately.  If you read "I'm a Wuss" posted on 3/9/2011 my last bit of information was that I had an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon/doctor.  I had my appointment and he took a look at my x-rays and made arrangements for me to have surgery by a hand specialist before he even came in to talk with me.

It seems that I somehow tore the ligament in my little finger and the ligament ripped off about 75% of my knuckle joint when it tore.  The specialist made room for me in his schedule and I had surgery on my hand the 17th of last month.  He had to "re-break" my finger and put it together with wire.  The surgery took a bit over two hours.

I've been in a cast, am now in a splint and am undergoing physical therapy.  The specialist wasn't sure if the surgery would even work and has indicated that he could fuse my finger if I am not happy with the results.  Personally I'm so thankful that I have the means to have someone work on my hand no matter the outcome. 

I have a little bit of movement, more than I expected and it's slowly getting better.  My finger looked horrible at first but it's starting to look less gruesome.  The therapy is painful and not being able to do much because of my limited dexterity is frustrating! 

I'm finding typing very difficult since I'm a two handed typist plus the pain medication has made my mind a tad fuzzy (not that you would notice!).  Anyway, I wanted to say I'm sorry for not posting as often as I normally do. 

La Petite Crone says:  Thank you and I'll be back!